Welcome to the study!

Hello study participants! If you are not participating in the study, please check back next month, when the website will be re-opened fully. Welcome to interventiondesign.eu, where you will be taking part in the online "tagging" task. Here's a reminder of what you need to do.

-On your left, you'll see the login panel. Please log in to the site using the username and password you were sent by email.
-If you want to change the password, you'll find the link under "My Account".
-Once you're logged in, click "BCT overview" which can be found on the left-hand side under the heading "primary links".
-You'll see a list of behaviour change techniques and their descriptions. Click the name of a behaviour change technique.
-On the right-hand side of the screen is the heading "tag this". Using the text-box, you can "tag" the entries.
-A "tag" is a word or short phrase that describes the behaviour change technique. For example, you might want to add "social" to the technique “Provide normative information about others’ behaviour”, or “attitude” to a technique which you think could change attitudes.
-Once you've tagged a BCT, click "BCT overview" to return to the full list.
-You can add as many, or as few tags you wish to each entry. Just make sure you feel that your tags describe the technique!
-You might notice that other participants have been tagging the entries. If someone else has added a tag that you were going to add, then you do not need to duplicate it.
-You can tag all the BCTs in one sitting, or you can break the task into smaller chunks and do a page at a time at your leisure.
-Each week, you'll get an email reminding you to check back at the site, to add or delete your tags. If you notice any of the behaviour change techniques do not have any tags, please add some!

At the moment, the full content of the website is not visible. It will all be reopened when we have finished collecting data for the study. Once the study is finished, please feel free to remain a user of this website, where you will be able to edit the content on the site and add your own!

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